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Many of our providers are now offering scheduled virtual telehealth visits using the DOXY.ME platform. Telehealth visits will be billed through insurance and may require a copay.

Simply click on the icon for your provider below:

  Whitney Dunlap MD

   Dr. Dunlap will be using the Zoom conference platform for her virtual visits.
   Details will be provided prior to your appointment.


Information about DOXY.ME

This platform does NOT require you to have a user account or download any apps. It will require you to grant access during the call to your camera and microphone.

Patients can access the video conference on any smartphone, tablet or iPad.  Laptops and desktops must be equipped with a camera.

Google Chrome, Safari and/or Firefox will work; Internet Explorer will NOT. For all Windows users who only have Internet Explorer, we suggest you download Google Chrome internet browser now in case you want to use telemedicine on your laptop or desktop

Windows desktop users who decide to not download Google Chrome can still use their mobile phone for video communication. is meant for live visits only. Please do not use this platform to communicate with your provider between appointments. If you need to speak with someone, please call the office or use the ECW portal.

We advise all patients to have a working thermometer available for your appointment. For our asthma patients, we also encourage you to have a finger oxygen saturation monitor available, if possible. Providing information on your temperature, oxygen level and heart rate will be important.

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