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About Our Practice

At Northeast Allergy, we understand that your allergies and immune conditions can negatively impact your daily life. Our dedicated team of physicians and nurse practitioners are committed to partnering with you, your family and your primary care provider to offer innovative care for your health concerns. Our goal is to empower patients to take an active role in their health through individualized, evidence-based treatment plans based on their needs and lifestyle.

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Identify and treat even your most stubborn allergens with comprehensive allergy testing and personalized therapies. We treat the following most common allergy conditions and more.

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Our asthma care team can effectively diagnose asthma in children and adults, identity triggers and develop long-term treatments to manage symptoms.

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Our physicians work to understand your specific immune system, including antigens, antibodies and immunoglobulins to help you take control of your allergies with long-term treatments to decrease symptoms.

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Our Providers

Our dedicated team of allergists and immunologists work to create personalized treatment plans for our patients to help them breathe better and take control of their allergies.

Jordan E. Scott, MD
Dr. Jordan Scott is a lifelong resident of Massachusetts. He graduated from Boston University Medical School in 2000. After completing a residency...
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David Riester, MD
Dr. Riester is a Board-certified allergist and immunologist with over 15 years of experience. He sees patients of all ages, evaluating a wide variety...
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Lauren Handelman, MD
Dr. Handelman graduated from Amherst College and Stanford University School of Medicine. She trained in General Pediatrics and then Allergy...
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Francisco Bonilla, MD
Dr. Francisco Bonilla brings nearly 30 years of experience to NEAAI. Most recently, he served as a leader in the Boston Children’s Hospital allergy and immunology...
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Whitney Dunlap, MD
After a career in academic medicine, Dr. Whitney Dunlap joined Northeast Allergy, Asthma, and Immunology to provide innovative allergy...
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Michele J Gottlieb, MD

Michele J Gottlieb, MD Michele J Gottlieb, MD received her allergy immunology fellowship training at Johns Hopkins School of Medicine and is a…

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Erica Dee Puglielli, MSN, FNP
Erica received her RN, MSN, and FNP from the Mass General Hospital Institute of Health Professions. Previously she served as a Nurse Practitioner at Concord...
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Kaleigh Beaudoin, NP

Kaleigh Beaudoin, NP Kaleigh Beaudoin, NP,  is one of the newest members of the NEAAI team. She received her Master's degree in nursing…

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How is Asthma Diagnosed and Treated?

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