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Importance Of An Asthma Action Plan

Importance of an Asthma Action Plan

Everyone who has asthma, child or adult, needs an Asthma Action Plan to prevent and control asthma attacks. Developing an Asthma Action Plan can be lifesaving and helps the patient take an active role in their health, making them be more confident when faced with an asthma attack situation. 

What is an Asthma Action Plan?

An Asthma Action Plan contains information relating directly to your or your child’s asthma condition. It lists specifically your daily medications and what medications should be taken during an asthma attack, along with their exact dosages. 

Asthma Action Plans also detail the symptoms you should look for during an asthma attack to help loved ones determine if the attack is serious and what they can do to help in a life-threatening situation. 

Parts of an Asthma Action Plan

According to the CDC, an Asthma Action Plan has three zones, which are:

  1. Green Zone: Also called the safety zone, the Green Zone explains how to manage asthma when you or your child are feeling good without any symptoms. It includes which medications you are taking regularly to prevent attacks and can be thought of as your day-to-day guide. 
  2. Yellow Zone: This is the caution zone. It explains how to tell if asthma is getting worse and which medicines can bring the attack under control. This part of the plan should be implemented when you or your child experience trouble breathing, wheezing and chest tightness. It will include the medications to take, such as a rescue inhaler, and steps to help control the attack, such as removing yourself from a potential trigger. 
  3. Red Zone: This is the danger zone and explains what to do when an asthma attack is severe and potentially life-threatening. It is used when you or your child cannot control the situation on your own with your usual medications and require medical intervention. 

Download this Asthma Action Plan template today to get started. 

At Northeast Allergy, Asthma & Immunology, we can help you develop an Asthma Action Plan for you or your child so you can be confident in your health. Contact us today to schedule your appointment.

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